Ecological sustainability

Eco-friendly Hotel. Our aim is to enhance our wonderful hotel whilst taking steps to improve the eco footprint of everything that we do and transform it to an eco-friendly hotel in every angle we can. We have a dream to turn it into the first 100% sustainable hotel in the whole New Forest.


If you are planning a visit to us here at Cottage Lodge we would like to share how easy it is to reach us via public transport.

Our hotel is centrally located in the heart of the New Forest National Park and easily reachable from all major cities. In fact Brockenhurst is very lucky to be on the main train line from London to Weymouth and also very well connected with buses, ferries and local cycle hire too.

If you are travelling from further afield, the local airports of Southampton and Bournemouth are under an hour away and main UK airports are linked via rail and buses coming up to us from London. We would like to encourage our guests wherever possible to make use of the train or buses, or even by cycling to us and be eco-conscious travellers.

To thank you for helping us in our quest to be the first sustainable hotel in the New Forest National Park, and for offsetting your carbon footprint, we would like to give you our thanks and reward your efforts with a gift from the New Forest. Please let us know in advance how you will be travelling to us.

The station is only 5 minutes walk from the Cottage Lodge, but if you need to be picked up or dropped off, we can arrange this service, subject to availability.

Three pin electric car charge is also available here at the hotel. For your reassurance, we kindly ask you to please pre-book that in advance of your stay, so that we can arrange it for your car.

Our commitment

We are consciously supporting greener initiatives to benefit the planet. We pride ourselves in our choice to work with local companies to minimise our carbon footprint. Whilst it may be more expensive to order our supplies from them, we think it completely worthwhile, when you consider the bigger picture. We believe that this is something that our guests value, appreciate and support, as we work towards a brighter future of sustainable tourism and also benefit our local community and suppliers within the New Forest.

 Bed linen: New Forest Laundry

We work with New Forest Laundry Linen Company, who launder our bed linen. They are a small and locally based company, proactive in the war against single use plastics. They have invested heavily and send our deliveries unwrapped in special bags removing the plastic shrink wrap (formerly favoured) entirely from the linen service.

 Toiletries: Yellow Forest

Yellow Forest are handmade here in Brockenhurst. Containing only the best quality, natural, organic and plant-derived ingredients. They are biodegradable and do not contain synthetic colours.

 Toilet paper: Who gives a crap

The “Who gives a crap?” toilet paper supply their paper in boxes, wrapped in paper, so no plastic.  What really makes a difference is their eco policy. They make all of their products with environmentally friendly materials, and donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need around the world.

Room towels

Our towels are laundered on site, we use non bio detergent and low temperatures. Our guests are encouraged via room information to reuse towels rather than daily replacement, to help us cut down on our energy use and as a better decision for the environment. We also use detergent sheets, which come packaged in card, so eliminating surplus plastic waste.

Electrical car charge

Our car park has 2 charge points for electric cars (3 Pin chargers). These can be pre booked for our residents.

There are only 20 charging points around Brockenhurst and the surrounding areas, which are mostly provided by hotels.

Solar panel

We gain a percentage of our energy from the solar panels that we have installed. These take in all the lovely sunshine that the south coast is lucky to benefit from.

Our solar panels are located on the rear side of our roof, facing the back garden.

eco friendly hotel the new forest marque

The New Forest Marque is awarded to produce which has been grown, reared, caught, brewed, produced or processed within the New Forest.
We are very proud to be recognised as part of this fantastic scheme, supporting local produce.

eco friendly hotel shop local

We are extremely committed to supporting our local suppliers and economy, by purchasing local produce from the immediate vicinity in the New Forest and Hampshire businesses.

eco friendly hotel be green

We have a dream to be the first completely 100% sustainable hotel in the whole New Forest.