Bed Linen – ecologically conscious choices

We are on a mission. It is our aim to be the first 100% sustainable hotel in The New Forest. We take our ecological responsibilities very seriously and this was a main consideration when choosing our linen company for the rooms in the hotel. We have chosen an ecologically conscious linen company that do their part to be greener and are a leader in their field.

Local linen company

Thinking of the future

We have chosen Elis Linen Company to launder our bed linen. They have shown themselves to be a most environmentally conscious linen company. Part of our ecological awareness has been to actively remove single use plastic from our day to day running. We have been encouraging all our suppliers to do the same.

Elis laundry are based in Hampshire and are proactive in the war against single use plastics. They have invested heavily and now send our deliveries unwrapped in special bags removing the plastic shrink wrap (formerly favoured) entirely from the linen service.http:// So this actively reduces our carbon footprint and removes unnecessary rubbish, particularly plastic from our waste.

Corporate responsibility

On their side corporate responsibility is integral to Elis. They are committed to real social and environmental responsibility progress. Cutting their use of water, energy or detergents, implementing “eco-designs” and reducing the impact of their delivery channels. Their policy strongly reflects our own which is very positive.

local linen company

Operational environmental efficiency at Elis

They acknowledge that water, energy, chemicals, oil and gas (WECO) are scarce and are precious and environmentally significant. They are focussed and committed to reducing quantities and improving efficiency in their service. Leading the way to be one of the first environmentally conscious linen companies who are reducing carbon emissions.


Across the Group, they continually review and investigate ways to reduce WECO usage. They are striving to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and they monitor performance of WECO efficiency at site level.

A positive corporate company actively supporting the need for global change to save the environment and importantly for us they are Hampshire based and so very importantly, we are keeping things local.

We are doing more eco-friendly actions that will impact positively
on your experience whenever you stay with us in the New Forest

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