Room towels – Small changes make a difference

eco-friendly towels at the Cottage Lodge

Here at the hotel we are very conscious of our laundry and strive to be as ecologically efficient as possible. One of the decisions we have made is to launder our guest towels here at the hotel to enable us to be greener. These small changes have a big influence.

Why do we do this?

We choose to wash our room towels in house to cut down on our environmental footprint. By not sending it out to a laundry, we eliminate the use of harsh chemicals in the laundry process.

Commercial laundries use starch and bleach in the washing process. We prefer our team of Housekeepers to wash the towels here at The Cottage Lodge Hotel. By doing this we can choose to use non biological liquids and wash at lower temperatures. Better for us and much better for the environment.

Guest involvement

The amount of towels that are washed and dried at the hotel is aided by the green decisions of our guests. Each room has a note for guests suggesting them to help us minimize our environmental footprint.

Guests are encouraged to reuse their towels wherever possible. They are also asked to leave them hanging up to dry on our room towel rails.

If they are wet and need to be changed they are asked to place them in the bath or shower. This is to indicate to our housekeeping team the need to freshen them.

We strongly believe that even the smallest actions mean big changes globally. We are proactive in promoting green initiatives throughout the hotel, starting with our room towels.

Going greener image of a tree and the ecosystem

Our choices

We are aiming to be the first hotel in The New Forest to be 100% sustainable and we have initiated a number of efforts to be greener.

We use wherever possible only local suppliers.

It is our mission to cut not only CO2 emissions in our deliveries but single use plastics too. Our choice of bed linen company reflects this. They are local and do not wrap the linen in single use plastic favouring special delivery bags.

Our toiletries are refillable and made locally. Our cleaning products are refillable too and our cleaning equipment laundered on site. We try to use recyclable materials wherever we can.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to be consciously doing their part to ease the pressure on the environment. This is why we have implemented small changes here at the Cottage Lodge to make a big difference.

We are doing more eco-friendly actions that will impact positively
on your experience whenever you stay with us in the New Forest

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