Weddings in the New Forest

We love it when a bride or groom and their family take over the Cottage Lodge for a night or two in preparation for a wedding. It is such a pleasure to watch the flowers arrive, see the cars being decorated, bring up champagne to the bridal party as they get dressed. There is an air of excitement as hairdressers, photographers and chauffeurs come and go. And, then the big moment, photos are taken on the balcony or outside the front door. Kisses exchanged. Buffet lunches quickly finished, glasses emptied and its off for a wonderful family day together.


The following morning breakfast is great fun. Stories swapped. Photos shared. Phone calls made to meet up for lunch or to go for a walk in the beautiful forest. New friends made. Old aquaintences renewed. Family members caught up.


Today was a particular pleasure. The bride left Cottage Lodge in a horse drawn carriage heading for Rhinefield House. A beautiful 20 minute horse drawn drive through the amazing New Forest up to Rhinefield House. She was radiant. A little tear in everyone’s eye as she headed off for her fairytale wedding.


Every wedding is different and every wedding is beautiful.

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