Places to Eat in Brockenhurst

If you are staying at the Cottage Lodge for your New Forest break you might want to stay close to home on the first night. Cottage Lodge is delighted to welcome the Fallen Tree restaurant, run by two enthusiastic and professionals: Phil and Bruno to run a restaurant in our premises seven nights a week

You get very personal service from two outstandingly good chefs. The presentation is beautiful and the quality of the food is excellent.

Customers are often impressed by the tables: which are made from a very rare black poplar tree. The tree was originally one of only half a dozen growing in the area. It was in a school playground in Southampton. The roots started to decay and so the tree became unstable. The school decided to take down the tree and local Tree Surgeon Rob Dyer was given the job. He took down this very rare tree but said he couldn’t chop it up for firewood so he made it into seven tables at the Cottage Lodge. He cut them in such a way that they can be put back together to make the tree.

To have a look at the menu from the Fallen Tree just have a quick look at their web page.

For your second and subsequent nights you may want to explore the 30+ eateries in Brockenhurst. This tiny village of 3,000 people has an amazing selection of sandwich shops, tea rooms, hotel restaurants, restaurants and pubs. All the pubs are dog friendly. So if you are bringing a dog the three pubs are good, friendly and nearby.

If you are looking for a special meal then the Cambrian Restaurant at Carey’s Manor is our most exclusive Brockenhurst Restaurant.

There are a number of good restaurants within ten minutes walk of the Cottage Lodge. For a full list have a look at this page.

However, there are two restaurants that I like alot. The New Porterhouse (opened May 2015) which serves Steak and Fish. It is priced at about £30 per head but it is good quality and a great location. Also, Le Blaireau’s which is a French Style restaurant with a superb menu and a very friendly restaurant team.


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