Forester’s bedroom New Forest

This Forester’s bedroom is named after someone who is in charge of managing a forest. In this case, The New forest National park.

The Foresters Master Bedroom, to use its full name,  was the main bedroom of the 370-year-old cottage that was extended and updated over the years to create what is now Cottage Lodge Hotel.

The home of ancient trees…

New Forest Commoners and Foresters date back to the creation of the New Forest around 1079 AD and their way of life continues now within the New Forest National Park. 

Trees are great survivors, and have lived through remarkable changes in the world around them. Many were fully grown trees when the Roundheads and Cavaliers were fighting the English Civil War or even when Elizabeth I defeated the Spanish Armada.

In the New Forest trees are managed and protected. We have around 1,000 ancient trees that have been recorded in the New Forest National Park. This is believed to be the highest concentration of ancient trees in Western Europe.

What is a Forester?

A forester is someone who is in charge of a forest. They are skilled in planting, managing and caring for trees.

Forester can also be someone who lives within, or who earns his/her living from the New Forest, but not necessarily has Commoners rights.

Forester is what a New Forest pony, which is born on the forest from forest stock, is known as.

Your bedroom

This traditional 1st floor bedroom is part of the original cottage built in 1651. Making the Foresters master bedroom over 370 years old! That’s a lot of bedtime stories!!

Our Forester’s bedroom has a lot more comforts than its humble beginnings. Guests today can enjoy an indoor bathroom with a great shower plus a super-king bed or twin bed to sleep in.

Smart TV’s and great WIFI mean you can be as connected or disconnected as you please. This room is at the front of the building. Ideal for pony and donkey spotting from bed with your morning tea!

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