Donkey Foals Arrive in Brockenhurst, New Forest

Three beautiful new foals arrived in Brockenhurst last week. These cheeky little donkeys can be seen in and around the village with their mums and aunties, showing off to the tourists. Their favourite trick is to try and find their way into the vegetable section of Tescos or to make their way into the Village Veg shop.

Posing for their adoring fans the donkeys are the newest arrivals in the beautiful New Forest village of Brockenhurst. The donkey foals arrived a few weeks after the pony foals. There are 5,000 mares out on the forest. They don’t all have a foal every year but enough of them do to make it very exciting in late May and early June. This year a new foal was born right outside the Cottage Lodge at breakfast time. It was a very exciting morning. There are also some stunning calves out on the forest alongside the newly born fawns. The fawns can be seen up at Bolderwood where a herd of deer are fed most days between 12 noon and 3pm. Unable to tell the time the deer often stay nearby the area in the hope that the warden will arrive with food for them.


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