New Forest Cottage Lavender

This year we took advantage of our extra time at home and spent some of that time planting a herb garden at Cottage Lodge. With the glorious weather we experienced it seemed a fun thing to do and one the whole family could get involved with. We planted New Forest Cottage lavender amongst other beautiful plants and flowers.

We had some raised flower beds to the rear of the Cottage that needed our attention. We always try to do our best for the Planet and local environment and wildlife. So we made sure to plant wildflowers and pollen rich choices to attract the pollinators to our New Forest garden.

What did we plant?

Our choice was to add English and French lavender, flavoursome herbs and traditional Cottage garden favourites that would be enjoyed by the bees in the New Forest with the great temperatures. Apart from the lavender we planted sage, mint, basil and garlic, as well as some strawberry plants. Some of these herbs thrived better than others and it was really satisfying to see our seedlings growing.

How did our garden grow?

Our sunny garden was loved by the seedlings and the the flowers. We were able to harvest mint for fresh mint tea and strawberries and also basil for our homemade pesto! It was great to see plenty of honey bees and butterflies enjoying our efforts too!

What have we created?

We had so much lavender that we were able to do some crafting and make some traditional style cottage garden lavender bags for guests to purchase at our honesty bar. These are perfect for mementos from the New Forest and ideal as gifts. We use them to scent our wardrobes and in our clothes drawers. Buy your New Forest Cottage lavender contact us for more information.

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