New Forest bedroom, Wilverley

Unwind in this large, individually-designed ground floor four-poster bedroom with small west-facing patio garden. The Wilverley bedroom is one of our most romantic hotel rooms. And it is named after a beautiful part of the forest nearby.

The amazing four-poster bed in the Wilverley bedroom is made from locally-sourced New Forest oak and sycamore. It was created by local designer and artisan Robert Dyer.

Walking at Wilverley

At Wilverley just 3 miles from Cottage Lodge Hotel there is a beautiful gravel circuit. It can be enjoyed year round within the inclosure where an abundance of ornamental and young and old trees blend with trees destined for logging.

This area is perfect for all ages and is particularly popular with families and cyclists.

On Wilverley plain it is common to see New forest ponies, cattle and deer and is a fantastic place to walk and cycle all year round.

Getting to Wilverley

Whether walking, cycling or visiting by car, Wilverley is just a short 3 miles drive or cycle from the hotel. Or a longer day trip if walking. Accessed along Burley road or by the path from Brockenhurst via Hichelsea Moor if walking or cycling.

The old railway line

Nearby landmarks include a popular stream called Wooten Bridge. There is also a lovely walk along the remnants of the old railway line called “The Castleman’s Corkscrew”. It was used to connect New Forest villages between Brockenhurst to Dorchester. Sadly it was removed in 1964.

The Castleman’s Corkscrew was the first railway line to pass through the New Forest. It opened for business on 1st June, 1847, following the earlier, 1840, opening of the line between London and Southampton. The “Castleman’s Corkscrew”, effectively, extended that line, through Brockenhurst and on through to Dorchester.

Further evidence of the railway can be seen and enjoyed at The Station Tearooms where we recommend you enjoy a lovely traditional afternoon tea if you are passing nearby.

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