Walking in the New Forest National Park

We have just said goodbye to a lovely walking group. As they left this morning our merry band all said that they were spoilt for choice. Four lovely days of walking….. and they didn’t walk the same path twice.

North, South, East and West, they wandered. Along the coast, through the Douglas Firs (from California), past ancient oaks (80% of Europe’s ancient oaks are in the New Forest National Park), and across beautiful open moorland with new foals and their families enjoying the sunshine. A new donkey arrived whilst they were here. Much to everyone’s delight.

They dined with us at the Fallen Tree Restaurant, then strolled to the local pub to try the local ale. Their cars were parked at the front for four days, not an engine was started.

What struck me about this group is just how much they enjoyed themselves. Just how refreshed they were after walking through landscape undisturbed for 1,000 years. Every walk and every landscape was different for them. They saw all four types of deer, they loved seeing the new foals, they saw rabbits, squirrels and even a fox along their walk. Rare orchids, hovering birds of prey, flocks of birds were all photographed and enjoyed. They put the world to rights as they walked. Friendships were forged and strengthened. Indeed they enjoyed it so much that they want to come back in the autumn to see a pig snuffling out in the forest for the pannage season.

I have to say I am delighted that walking for 30 minutes a day is the recommendation of so many doctors and health professionals. If you want to know more about walking in the New Forest National Park please feel free to ring us at the Cottage Lodge on 01590 622296.

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