Spring New Forest walks

Birdsong, bluebells, blossoms and bees… ponies, cattle, donkeys, under canopies of trees. This is what to expect on Spring New Forest walks.

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Spring walks and cycles

A walk in the New Forest is a delight at anytime of the year! But in Spring, you are surrounded by an orchestra of nature. From the birdsong that accompanies your every moment, to the trees as they move in the breeze.

A Spring New Forest walk is a riot of colour with bluebells, crocuses, primroses and tree blossom in the villages and hearty heather and gorse on the heathlands. Watch the bees as they search for pollen on yellow gorse flowers and heather. Admire the many shades of green you can see as the trees leaves make canopies of shade for warmer days.

Bird watching

The birds are busy making their nests and laying their eggs. Hear the loud dawn chorus and the calmer calls at dusk. Read more about the spring nesting of New Forest birds.

Look out for the distinctive Dartford Wharbler, in areas of open heathland with a scattering of gorse bushes. This is the only habitat where you are likely to find them, except in winter when you may see them in gorse scrub along the coast.

At dusk listen out for the strange call and song of the very elusive Nightjar as you are out and about on your New Forest walks.

Foal season begins

This is an exciting time in the season when the new foals begin to arrive and the babies adapt to life on wobbly legs and with very attentive mothers. As well as horses and donkeys we also see baby calves adding to the herds.

Please do follow the NEW FOREST CODE The unique grazing that the animals enjoy on the New Forest is not without its perils. It is important to give all the livestock lots of space and in particular note the mother’s and herds are very protective of their young. Foals are learning their new environment so please do not touch or feed them!

For more info about foals:

Find your perfect walk

With 140,000 acres to explore, there are countless routes to discover within the New Forest National park and numerous ways to stay active and healthy from gentle bike rides to longer hikes. There is something for everyone and lots of space to enjoy the timeless charm of Spring walks in the New Forest.

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