Recycling at Cottage Lodge

Here at Cottage Lodge we are on a mission! That mission is to be the first hotel in the New Forest to be 100% sustainable.

This influences our green actions and hotel policies. From our choice of suppliers, to the type of cleaning products we use. One of our biggest considerations at Cottage Lodge is with our recycling. We have taken measures to be the very best we can be when we recycle.

Recycling at Cottage Lodge

A green planet is a clean planet

We are very fortunate that within the National Park, the New Forest District Council also have great policies on recycling. When you stay with us at the Cottage Lodge Hotel or dine at the White Tails restaurant we are eco conscious. We ensure that all rubbish that is created is segregated for recycling. This includes plastic bottles, paper, glass, cans and tins.

We love where we live and we are actively supporting litter free programmes and the local recycling policy. As a business we also do our part in keeping the forest litter free. We help further by supporting the New Forest Litter Pickers, whenever we can.

We like to encourage everyone to be environmentally friendly and respect the planet. Please help us when you stay and recycle bottles, cans and plastic used.

Big decisions

We have tried wherever possible to remove single use plastic from our operation. We maintain this policy with our choice of suppliers. At Yellow Forest we only use recyclable glass for our jams and toiletries. They are all made very close to the hotel. This ensures that our carbon footprint is reduced by only using local producers.

As we create a lot of glass (bottles mainly), we have to use an external company to collect them. We have chosen Biffa to be our service provider, as they too have a great recycling mission and sustainability policy.

Other ways we recycle

We are constantly innovating our products and our guest services. The rooms are slowly renovated and considered. When we replace furnishings for example, those that are still in good condition are upcycled or donated to local charities. Wherever possible items are renovated, repainted and reused. We like to show our support to local charity projects and have even held a garden sale to upcycle the furniture.

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