How do you like your New Forest Eggs in the morning?

Did you know, according to scientists the way you choose to have your New Forest eggs cooked for you at the Cottage Lodge in the morning can say more about you than you think.

Boiled egg eaters tend to be disorganised.

Those who prefer omelettes are self disciplined.

Poached egg lovers are more out going with a happy disposition.

Scramblers are more guarded.

But watch out for those who like their oeufs fried, apparently they are likely to have a high sex drive, that might explain why they need the extra calories.

Full New Forest Breakfast at the Cottage Lodge in Brockenhurst

It probably comes as no surprise, and certainly no exaggeration, that all of us at The Cottage Lodge Hotel are fanatical about breakfast.

So the question arose “What would we serve for breakfast if the hotel was moved to different parts of the world?”.

If we were placed in The Philippines we might serve Sinangag, garlic fried rice.

Put the hotel in Mexico and you might be treated to the delicacy Huitlacoch, a Maize fungus.

Come down for breakfast in Japan and you might expect Natta, fermented Soy beans with mustard and onion.

Or maybe Hungary where they serve the delicious Pogaca, a cross between bread and scone. The traditional way to eat it is sandwiched either side of some tangy pickled cabbage.

You are probably relieved to hear that we are going to stick with what we do best. Whether it’s our locally sourced sausages, Bacon or eggs, our award-winning black pudding, a proper full English, Eggs Benedict or fantastic continental selection, our simple passion to set you up for your day ahead in and around the New Forest.

Eggs at Cottage Lodge come from happy chickens that stroll around the New Forest fields at Clayton’s Farms, the bacon and sausages come from Sopley Farm in the New Forest where contented pigs play in the fields. Hope you enjoy your New Forest breakfast.


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