Herd Observation in the Forest

Looking for something new? Why not try herd observation. You can spend time with Sally Bennetts watching herds of New Forest ponies and learn their secreds.

Understand some of their subtle communications and become more horse aware. It helps understand the ways of the forest and to appreciate the importance of leaving the forest livestock undisturbed.

Sally, enjoys taking visitors and locals on walks through the forest. As well as herd observation you can also enjoy the floras and faunas of the beautiful 94,000 acre forest.

Sally explains: ‘Aromas and scents are evocative of many of our early memories which is why people are so sensitive to different smells. The connection between smell and memory happens to be a directly physical one. The olfactory bulb in the brain is only two synapses removed from the area of the brain implicated in emotional memory and three synapses away from the hippocampus (our brain’s short-term memory powerhouse). This nearness links the emoptional brain to the smell receptors more closely than to any other sense.’

Sally’s walks helps you to be mindful and take in all the small details of the forest that you might otherwise miss. You can learn some local history, discover new plants, listen to bird song, and sense the earth beneath your feet.

Be transported for a while and really feel that you have connected with the New Forest.

Sally’s walks are 90 – 120 minutes. They are informative, enjoyable and relaxed. Don’t forget your wellies and your rain coat. Prices start from £40 per person (min of two people max of six).

For those who really want to destress Sally also offers one to one with a horse for an equine session. 1 hour session £35.00.

For more information contact Sally Bennetts at 07788316885


Why not stay over at the Cottage Lodge and make a couple of days of this exciting adventure. Prices start at £25 per person per night.

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