Clipper beverages at Cottage Lodge Hotel

Clipper beverages are now served at Cottage Lodge Hotel. Clipper was the first company in the world to produce a tea bearing the Fairtrade symbol! They were also among the first to launch a range of organic teas, and the first to produce and market a mainstream organic instant coffee.

Clipper beverages at Cottage Lodge

Great for the planet & great for you:

Vegan friendly Clipper Fairtrade Tea Bags, are made using fairly traded ingredients.

The product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

The teabags are plastic free, made from a natural plant based material of abaca (type of banana) plant cellulose fibres and PLA from non-GM plant material.

They fill their bags with organic ingredients (good-bye pesticides, hello wildlife) and always do their best for the environment.

Clipper beverages at Cottage Lodge

About the Producers: 

Products are sourced exclusively from producers that implement comprehensive social and economic policies governing the pay and conditions of their workers as well as pursuing environmentally friendly practices that ensure the protection of the land, the animals and people that live on it.

Clipper are the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand, supporting over 114,000 producers and their families to have access to education, medical care and help in old age.

Tea Infusion

What’s are tea infusions? Better known as fruit or herbal teas, infusions aren’t actually teas at all! These delicious drinks masquerading as teas are made using herbs, spices and fruits for delicious flavour combinations. Most are caffeine free and we’re confident you’ll find one that you love.

Black Tea

What is black tea? You probably love a cup of black tea and might even drink it every day! But what is black tea? Well, it starts off like all tea: fresh, green leaves. Then it’s cleverly processed and oxidised to give a distinctive colour and flavour. Yum!

Green Tea

What is green tea? Even if you drink it every day, you might find yourself asking: what is green tea? Well, it’s made from the same plant as black tea (‘everyday’ tea) but processed differently. Simple! The result is a distinctive flavour and lovely golden colour.

White Tea

What is white tea? If you’ve never heard of white tea, it’s worth getting to know. This tea is made from the same plant as black tea but only the youngest leaves are used. After a little gentle processing, the resulting tea is traditionally famed for its health benefits.

We are proud to serve Clipper beverages at Cottage Lodge!

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