Autumn New Forest Escapes

Book your autumn New Forest escapes. View the spectacular beauty of changing colours and nature at its finest in the National park.

Autumn New Forest escapes

What’s the forest like?

The New Forest is a lowland national park which means no large mountains. So expect to find beautiful scenery and wide trails through ancient woodland and heath. It’s a welcoming landscape with lots of villages, good visitor facilities and excellent rail and road links.

The New Forest has been welcoming visitors since the early nineteenth century. Steeped in legends and history and yet timeless to visitors as you can walk in landscapes unchanged by modernity.

Experience the heart of the New Forest by exploring the old hunting forest of the Norman kings.

The New Forest is an all year round destination, which offers many different experiences to visitors throughout the year.

Autumn New Forest escapes

What can I experience?

The New Forest covers an area of 566 square kilometres. It is made up of vast tracts of unspoilt woodland, heathland and river valleys.

Today deer, ponies and cattle continue to roam free in its ancient heaths and woodland. Clear rivers and shady groves provide tranquillity and a car-free haven for walkingcycling and horse riding.

You can walk, drive or cycle and find your idea of escape in the natural beauty of the national park.

The New Forest is also home to so many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Read here or more information.

Planning Autumn New Forest escapes also offers visitors the chance to spot colourful fungi and other mushrooms, amongst the trees. However, we advise you to not be tempted to go foraging without a licensed guide, so as to ensure you don’t touch or eat anything poisonous.

Pannage and the rutt season

Autumn is the time of year that pigs are sent out to pannage. This ancient practise of releasing the pigs to forage for acorns, safeguards other mammals grazing on the woodland. Other animals can be made unwell from acorns.

The other sight to witness is the rutt season of the deer. A fantastic opportunity to witness the magnificent stags as they defend their status. The rutt is a territorial and mating right battle within the herds against challenges from other males.

Autumn New Forest Escapes

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