3 Reasons to Visit the New Forest This September

Three things to see and do this September:


The Animals… of course! Seeing our lovely horses, cows, donkeys and pigs out on the forest, along the roads and in the village is a real sight!

All day, everyday our four legged friends are out in the 94,000 acres of New Forest National Park. They are so used to their surroundings, they walk through the village or may even stroll alongside your car. We really are so lucky to be around the animals. Just look and enjoy them in their natural habitat. They are wild animals. The Verderers who look after the forest would like you to let them stay wild and ask that you keep a little distance.


The views – Perhaps your an early bird; you cannot fault the sun rise in the mornings here in Brockenhurst, the mist from the night before and the sun beaming up, welcoming you positively into the new day ahead, it’s glorious. The sunset over the forest and the bold orangeness of the horizon, you cant miss it!

Being in the forest, the night sky lights up magnificently. Imagine being sat outside on a dark night and looking up to see hundreds and thousands of stars, shooting stars also. The moon just staring at you in the dead silence of the evening with no background noise but the occasional owl… the perfect relaxation.



Events: Arts in The Forest

For all to enjoy, this September here in the forest, a wide range of weekly art events will be taking place for all creatives.

Up to the 23rd September: Art Exhibition: The ‘Dazzle: Disguise And Disruption In War And Art’ in St Barbe Museum + Art Gallery is a unique exhibition, by the St Barbe curators with James Taylor, that brings together stunning artwork from The Imperial War Museum, National Maritime Museum and British Museum as well as regional and private collections.

Wednesday 5th September: FilmPhantom Thread at Forest Arts, New Milton. In 1950’s London, Daniel Day Lewis (in his final film role) plays Reynolds Woodcock, a renowned dress designer whose fastidious life is disrupted by Alma a young, strong-willed woman, who becomes his muse and lover.

Saturday 15th September – ConcertMusical Extravaganza at Beaulieu Abbey Church in aid of the Countryside Education Trust. A number of local musicians and singers will perform well-known songs and instrumentals from the world of jazz, classical, light opera, musicals, cabaret and pop

Saturday 29th September: Choir – New Forest Chamber /Children’s Choir at Beaulieu Abbey Church. This multi award winning SATB Choir perfectly blends the fresh bright beautiful tone of the younger voice with the rich adult voices.

All these activities are short distance from Brockenhurst, some reachable by train some need to drive or take a taxi to.

Start your september holidays choosing your ideal bedroom.

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