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Pannage Season (Pigs in The New Forest)

It’s that lovely time of year before Autumn hits. The “Common of Mast” begins, one of only six ancient commoners rights accorded from the time of William the Conqueror. This ancient practise is also known as Pannage. As the season begins, we see domestic pigs such as Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot and their piglets, released onto the New Forest by their owners. What is pannage? Pannage is otherwise known as the ‘release of domestic pigs’ in the New Forest. Pannage is no longer carried out in many areas, but can still be observed every year, here in the New Forest. Following the summer at the beginning of the autumn after the acorns, beech mast, chestnuts and other nuts have fallen, the pigs are released and work their way through the forest hoovering them from the forest floor. This practise is believed … Continue reading

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Isle of Wight visit

Are you planning an Isle of Wight visit during your stay with us? Here’s how to travel there when staying at the Cottage Lodge Hotel in the New Forest. Here’s the information that you will need to make the most of your day trip. Or if you’d like to plan a short stay with the hotel as your base. You can travel taking your car on the ferry, or as a foot passenger with public transport links. Either way, your journey begins at the Cottage Lodge hotel in beautiful Brockenhurst, the heart of the New Forest. Getting there from the hotel From Brockenhurst, the most convenient way to travel to the Isle of Wight is via the ferry. You can take the ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth. You can drive to Lymington in just under 15 minutes from the hotel. … Continue reading

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Forester’s bedroom New Forest

This Forester’s bedroom is named after someone who is in charge of managing a forest. In this case, The New forest National park. The Foresters Master Bedroom, to use its full name,  was the main bedroom of the 370-year-old cottage that was extended and updated over the years to create what is now Cottage Lodge Hotel. The home of ancient trees… New Forest Commoners and Foresters date back to the creation of the New Forest around 1079 AD and their way of life continues now within the New Forest National Park.  Trees are great survivors, and have lived through remarkable changes in the world around them. Many were fully grown trees when the Roundheads and Cavaliers were fighting the English Civil War or even when Elizabeth I defeated the Spanish Armada. In the New Forest trees are managed and protected. … Continue reading

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Bespoke Vouchers

Buy Bespoke Vouchers at Cottage Lodge Have you been dreaming of a New Forest getaway? Or have you enjoyed a stay with us in the past? Why not share your love of the Cottage Lodge Hotel with others? Give the gift of a stay in the New Forest for your friends or loved ones with the purchase of our bespoke gift vouchers. Gift something timeless and special To help you share a New Forest experience, we have just created some beautiful Gift Vouchers for you to purchase. The gift vouchers are perfect for all occasions, particularly those lovely special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries and just because… We know life has been very different this year and our gift vouchers are a wonderful way to treat your family, friends and loved ones and let them plan a staycation … Continue reading

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Cycling the New Forest

Cycling is a fantastic way to enjoy the New Forest National Park. Many guests choose to hire bikes or bring their own when they come to stay. Cottage Lodge is ideally situated as your base for exploring the local area, with so many routes beginning near here, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Former logging tracks, of which there are 140 miles, offer car free off road safe cycling for all to enjoy. Where can I cycle? You can enjoy many bike routes here in the New Forest. Some are excellent for pure beginners and suitable for families, as they are shorter and flatter. Then there are also many more for those cyclists who are more experienced and even expert riders can enjoy fantastic rides in the National Park. At certain times of year challenging cycle races are also held here … Continue reading

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Spring New Forest walks

Birdsong, bluebells, blossoms and bees… ponies, cattle, donkeys, under canopies of trees. This is what to expect on Spring New Forest walks. Spring walks and cycles A walk in the New Forest National Park is a delight at anytime of the year! But in Spring, you are surrounded by an orchestra of nature. From the birdsong that accompanies you every moment, to the trees as they move in the breeze. A Spring New Forest walk is a riot of colour with bluebells, crocuses, primroses and tree blossom in the villages and hearty heather and gorse on the heathlands. Watch the bees as they search for pollen on yellow gorse flowers and heather. Admire the many shades of green you can see as the trees leaves make canopies of shade for warmer days. Bird watching The birds are busy making their … Continue reading

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New Forest foal season

Get away from it all… It’s foal season here in the New Forest! Choose a calming break to refresh your mind, body and soul. Practise mindfulness and wander the timeless New Forest National park and absorb the wonders of the natural world at its finest and admire the gorgeous foals as they begin to appear. The New Forest comes alive when the new foals start gambling together over the open plains during the spring. The Forestry Commission prepare themselves for phone calls from anxious visitors reporting foals lying still (generally they are asleep), or ponies looking uncomfortable (in labour), or foals too close to road (they like the grass on the verges). Please remember that the foals are for looking at, not for touching. They are very much at home on the open forest, and they are accustomed to people, … Continue reading

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Recycling at Cottage Lodge

Here at Cottage Lodge we are on a mission! That mission is to be the first hotel in the New Forest to be 100% sustainable. This influences our green actions and hotel policies. From our choice of suppliers, to the type of cleaning products we use. One of our biggest considerations at Cottage Lodge is with our recycling. We have taken measures to be the very best we can be when we recycle. A green planet is a clean planet We are very fortunate that within the National Park, the New Forest District Council also have great policies on recycling. When you stay with us at the Cottage Lodge Hotel or dine at the White Tails restaurant we are eco conscious. We ensure that all rubbish that is created is segregated for recycling. This includes plastic bottles, paper, glass, cans … Continue reading

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Local New Forest breakfasts The Butchers, the Bakers…

In our efforts to bring our guests local New Forest breakfasts. We sourced from our wonderful village right near the hotel for sustainable and ethically produced goods. We work alongside the wonderful local businesses here, in Brockenhurst village, New Forest National Park. Our traditional Village Butchers and award winning The Bakehouse bakery provide us with the granary & white bread and hand made sausages available for our local New Forest breakfasts. In times of mass produced, processed foods and of large chains taking away from the local businesses. Here, in Brockenhurst we are fortunate to have village suppliers, who are choosing traditional methods and using quality ingredients. About the locals Brockenhurst Villagers have been buying their butchery and bakery items from the master butchers and bakers on Brookley Road for many decades and there are often queues out the door … Continue reading

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Tree hugging New Forest

Have you ever hugged a tree? FREE HUGS AVAILABLE! Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding. When hugging a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine make you feel happier. It is important to use this “free” space of a forest we were given by nature to holistically heal ourselves. When hugging a loved one is off the cards, what can we do to feel comfort? Why not try New Forest tree hugging? New Forest holistic hugging Try New Forest tree hugging… In the New Forest we are fortunate to have an amazing selection of trees on offer and we have taken some advice from our Northern friends, The Icelandic Forestry Service who have been encouraging people to hug trees while social distancing measures prevent them from hugging other people. In a time when close contact … Continue reading

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